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  • Antezole – H Granules 250g


    Antezole H is indicated for the treatment of Pinworm, Ascarid and small and large Strongyle infestations in horses. An affordable year-round dewormer.

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  • Calmeze Eq Paste 60ml


    A nutritional supplement to help calm excitable horses. Can be used for competition to help reduce anxiety and thereby maximize performance.

    60ml – contains 3 doses for a 500kg horse


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  • Cothivet 30ml


    Cicatrizant and antiseptic agent for wounds. Cothivet is particularly recommended for the treatment of wounds due to injuries and burns, ulcerous wounds as well as self-inflicted wounds by licking and scratching. Safe to use on all animals.

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  • Dermavet 75g


    Dermavet is indicated for the treatment of slow healing wounds, topical superficial wounds and topical septic wounds in dogs, cats and horses.

    Apply at least twice daily or as prescribed by a veterinarian. Apply liberally over the entire wound surface.
    Should the mentioned conditions not improve within 10 days, please consult your veterinarian

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  • Diomec Plus Paste 60ml for Horses


    For the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea in horses.

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  • Equimax NF


    Broadspectrum roundworm, tapeworm and bot remedy for horses of all ages, including pregnant mares

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  • Mobiflex – H 500g


    Mobiflex-H is a palatable powder for horses containing chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM and GlycOmega -PLUS Green Lipped Mussel (GLM) extract.

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  • Panthox Wound Spray 200ml


    Panthox and is an aerosol spray indicated for the prevention and treatment of topical oxytetracycline-susceptible

    Panthox: Oxytetracycline HCl 3,6 % m/m, d-Panthenol 3,2 % m/m and Gentian Violet 0,3% m/m as dye.
    Panthox d-Panthenol: Oxytetracycline HCl 3,6 % m/m, d-Panthenol 3,2 % m/m

    Panthox can be used for the prevention and treatment of topical oxytetracycline-susceptible infections such as lacerations, abrasions, open wounds, dermatitis and footrot in all species of animals. Oxytetracycline HCl is a broad-spectrum antibiotic and is active against a variety of Gram positive and negative organisms. Gentian Violet is a purple dye that has mild antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    d-Panthenol is effective in accelerating the wound healing process. A study was conducted using a 5% d-panthenol ointment versus no treatment. The untreated wound took 104 hours to close completely whereas epithelisation of the wound treated with panthenol took 68 hours to close completely. Similar results were obtained by repeated comparison of panthenol ointment with placebo. The mean time to healing under placebo was 99 hours, whereas application of the preparation containing d-panthenol reduced this time to 70 hours. 1

    Weisser and Erlemann have shown that even low concentrations of d-panthenol have a positive influence on epithelisation.

    Directions for use
    Spray the product onto the affected area once or twice daily until complete recovery.

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  • Pegaforte Paste for Horses 10g


    A small volume apple flavoured dewormer for easy administration. Treats roundworms, tapeworms and bots.

     Pack Insert
     Ivermectin 12 mg/g, Praziquantel 150 mg/g
    Pack size: 10 g syringe – treats a 600 kg horse

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  • Pegamax Paste for Horses 32.4g


    Full spectrum dewormer for regular all year round use. Roundworms, tapeworms and bots.

     Pack Insert
     Abamectin 3,7mg and Praziquantel 46,2mg
    Pack size: 32,4 g – treats a 600kg horse

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  • Pegaquest Paste for Horses 12.2g


    ong acting specialized dewormer. Treats roundworms (including encysted stages of small strongyles), tapeworm and bots.

     Pack Insert
     Moxidectin 20mg/ml and Praziquantel 125mg/ml
    Pack size: 12.2g syringe – treats a 600 kg horse

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  • Pegasol Paste for Horses 26g


    Pegasol is an ideal dewormer to switch to when alternating dewormer groups as part of an effective dewormer programme.

    The content of 1 injection (32.4gr) treats 1 horse of 600kg

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  • Pet Remedy Atomiser Refill 250ml

    • Refill for Pet Remedy Atomiser
    • Non aerosol
    • Ideal for locations where there is no power supply for a plug diffuser, such as conservatories, boats, caravans, stables, horse boxes and trailers.
    • Same water based and pH neutral formula as our calming sprays and wipes
    • Easy to operate
    • Starts to help instantly
    • Helps calm without sedating
    • Lasts up to 60 days if set at 30 minutes (standard setting)
    • Suitable for small room (10m2 or 100 sq ft)
    • Locate at least 4 feet from the ground to ensure the water based mist disperses into the room.
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  • Pet Remedy Battery Atomiser

    • The Pet Remedy Battery Atomiser helps calm pets without sedating and is ideal for locations where there is no power supply for a plug diffuser.

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  • Pet Remedy Calming Spray 15ml


    Pet Remedy Calming spray is a water based & pH neutral calming spray used for localised and immediate effect in the relief of stress in all animals

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  • Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml


    Pet Remedy Calming spray is a water based & pH neutral calming spray used for localised and immediate effect in the relief of stress in all animals

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  • Pet Remedy Calming Wipes 12’s


    Pet Remedy Calming Wipes are clinically proven blend of Valerian, Vetiver and other calming essential oils.

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  • Pet Remedy Diffuser Refill 40ml


    2 x 40ml Refills for Pet Remedy Diffuser

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  • Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser & 40ml Refill


    The Pet Remedy Plug Diffuser allows for constant slow release for the relief of stress in all animals.

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  • Pro Soothe Shampoo 250ml


    Pro-Soothe Shampoo is a rich, non-irritating shampoo for pets with problem skin. It contains soothing ingredients together with moisturisers and conditioning agents that will aid in providing relief from pruritis (itchy skin) and dry skin.

    Pro-Soothe Shampoo contains witch hazel I 0%, glycerin 5%, colloidal oatmeal (Avena sativa) 2%, ichthammol 0.6% and triclosan 0.2% in a non-irritating, pH-neutral shampoo. Witch hazel has astringent and soothing properties and will calm irritated skin. Glycerin is a moisturiser and draws moisture from the environment onto the skin, thereby hydrating the epidermal layer. Colloidal oatmeal coats the skin and moisturises, softens and helps soothe its itchy, dry condition. lchthammol has natural anti-inflammatory properties and aids in reducing red and itchy skin. Tric/osan aids in enhancing the mildness of surfactants on the skin. Pro-Soothe Shampoo is formulated to protect the natural acid-mantle of the skin, which protects it from bacterial and fungal infection.

    Pro-Soothe Shampoo should be used in cases where pets scratch themselves excessively and suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin.

    Directions for use
    Shake well before use.Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water.Apply sufficient shampoo to work up a mild lather.Work the shampoo into the coat and leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Repeat as often as required.

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  • Protexin 250g


    Protexin Soluble is a biological product which helps to ensure a beneficial balance of Digestive tract micro-organisms. It is a multiple-strain probiotic powder safe for use in all animals.

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  • Purl Freshness Spray No 2 200ml


    Purl Freshness No 2 is a moisturising, conditioning deodorant spray for pets with antibacterial action.

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  • Purl Shampoo Regular 500ml


    Luxury pearly shampoo with lanolin, is mild enough for regular use in dogs, cats and horses. Leaves coat soft, lustrous and pleasant smelling. It lathers richly and helps reduce offensive skin odours.

    • Luxurious, pearly shampoo
    • Neutral PH for frequent use
    • Leaves coat soft, lustrous & pleasant smelling

    Liquid lanolin, pearliser

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  • Sebbarox Shampoo 250ml


    Sebbarox is a medicated shampoo for use on dogs, cats and horses. It is indicated for the treatment of various skin conditions, e.g. fleabite allergies, pyoderma, hotspots, hyperkeratosis and canine acne.

    Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%, Precipitated Sulphur 2% in a specially formulated conditioning base.

    Directions for Use:
    Shake well before use.Wet the coat thoroughly.Apply shampoo to one affected area and lather well. Take care to avoid eyes. Don’t rinse off the lather but leave it on the animal. Progress to the next affected area. Repeat until the entire body has been treated and leave the shampoo lather on for 5 minutes or longer if possible. Then rinse all the lather off. May be repeated daily or weekly.


    1. Users are cautioned to avoid eyes and mucous membranes.
    2. Benzoyl peroxide may bleach clothing.
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  • Shoo-Fly Ointment Fly Repellent for Dogs & Horses – 50g


    Shoo-Fly ointment is a repellent for the use against flies, especially biting flies.


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