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GCS Joint Care Advanced Liquid for Dogs Chicken Flavour 250ml


GCS-dog joint advanced Liquid

  • Tasty chicken flavoured liquid
  • Easy to administer onto the food, this tasty chicken flavour is loved by dogs and will provide your dog with highly effective joint support.
    -Improved formulation.
    -Initially double the dose for three weeks
    -It is a proprietary blend of 6 active ingredients which work together to support joint health in dogs It can be used in dogs with ageing cartilage and signs of joint degeneration
    -It can also be used in your adult and adolescent dogs which are in the high-risk category for the development of degenerative joint conditions as they grow older

Directions for use : 2.5ml=1pump <5kg 1 pump; 6-10kg 2 pumps; 11-20kg 4 pumps; 21-30kg 6 pumps

Contains per 5ml: Glucosamine HCL 600mg; Chondroitin Sulphate 240mg; MSM 250mg; Omega 3 Fatty Acids 250mg; Vitamin C 50mg; vitamin E 50mg; anganese suphate 2.5mg; Collagen Type 11 30mg; Green Lipped Mussel Extract 200mg

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