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Cleanear Solution 100ml


CleanEar solution is a gentle, effective ear cleanser for use in dogs and cats

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CleanEar is a gentle, effective ear cleanser for use in dogs and cats.

CleanEar contains malic acid 2,25%, benzoic acid 0,15%, salicylic acid 0,0375%, docusate sodium 2% in a propylene glycol base. The organic acids gently lower the pH of the ear canal.

The low pH produced by these acids causes a slight swelling of the ear tissues. Because necrotic tissue swells at a faster rate than healthy tissue, it separates quite easily from healthy tissue. The
dead tissue sloughs off and the healthy underlying tissue remains undamaged, providing a good environment for healing. The low pH also discourages bacterial, yeast and fungal growth.

CleanEar also contains docusate sodium and propylene glycol. These two substances allow the solution to:

  • remain in contact with ear tissue for longer;
  • act as a solvent for excess grease and cerumen;
  • dry out the ear canal;
  • exert a mild antibacterial and antifungal action; and
  • ease the removal of dead tissue, scales and other debris.


  • For the removal of crusts, excess wax, exudate and other debris from a dog or a cat’s ears.
  • Removal of excess purulent discharge in cases of otitis externa, allowing better penetration of antibacterial ingredients.
  • Cleanear removes ear debris following ear-mite infestations to allow better penetration of miticides.
  • Can be used in the ears of dogs that like to swim.
  • Preparation of the ear for other therapy.

Instill 5-10 drops twice daily in the affected ear. Massage ears gently to assist break-up of debris.
Use a cotton bud to remove debris.