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Supona Aerosol 385ml


Supona Aerosol 385ml contains Chlorfenvinphos 0,48 % m/m, dichlorphos 0,74 % m/m, gentian violet 0,145 % m/m.

It controls ticks by spot treatment. Kills blowfly maggots in wounds. Use in cuts, abrasions, after dehorning, branding, shearing, tail docking and castrations to prevent infections and maggot infestations in cattle, horses, sheep, goats and dogs.

Use only as directed.

Shake well before use.

Tick control: Spray inside and outside the ears, under the tail, in the brush of the tail and onto tick clusters. Needs to be used once weekly only.

Treatment of wounds: It is always advisable to cut wool or hair away from wounds and to clean away debris such as pus, dirt and dried blood. Use clean water and soap. Spray Supona Aerosol onto the wound surface, ensuring that an even spread of the liquid is obtained. One application should be sufficient, but the treatment can be repeated if necessary.

Prevention of infection: When wounds and abrasions occur or after dehorning, branding, shearing, tail-docking and castration, apply Supona Aerosol evenly over the whole wound surface.

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